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Friday 11th January 2019 - 10am - 12pm

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Course Outline

Course Name: Adult Money Workshop (2 hour)

Learning Outcomes:

● understand how to plan finances to stay on top of money now and to help
achieve goals for the future.
● learn to structure savings to make bigger things happen and prevent financial
blips turning into a personal recession.
● understand that problems repaying credit can happen to anyone, take action
to deal with it and know where to get help.
● evaluate and select financial products that are appropriate and enhance
financial well-being.
● keep on top of what’s happening with income (pay + benefits), cash and
bank accounts.

I. Introduction
A. The Money Charity - Intro
B. What do you want to learn?
C. What if money wasn’t an issue?
D. Workshop contents
II. Plan to Succeed
A. Priority bills exercise
B. Budgeting
C. Planning for special events
III. Debt
A. Face up to reality
B. Write a list
C. Advice & signposting
IV. Savings
A. Types of savings
B. Attitude to saving & spending
C. How much should I save?
V. Financial Products
A. Selecting products for your needs
B. Borrowing products
C. Protecting products
D. Savings products
E. Time to dream
F. SMART Goals
VI. Money for Everyday Life
A. Making it work in practice
B. Be a savvy consumer
C. National insurance, income tax, and benefits
D. Current accounts
VII. Summary & Action Planning
A. Course summary
B. Questions
C. Action!

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